Social Media Marketing

You don’t have to be a genius to know that the world has been taken over by social media.

Whether you use it, hate it, or understand it, it really does not matter. It’s here to stay and, it’s a perfect tool for building your brand awareness.

These are growing in number every day and more social networks are popping up all over the net wanting to be the next facebook or twitter


Social Media User Facts
• Facebook – 400 million active users; 122 million visits per day
• YouTube – 400 million active users; 85 million video views per day
• LinkedIn – 50 million members; 13 million daily average visits
• Twitter – 75 million users; 50 million tweets per day

Google loves video and is bringing more & more video results to the first page.
• Video will be 50% of all Internet traffic by 2012
• 64% of respondents in a recent survey indicated they had taken action after seeing an online video
• 44% went to the advertisers web site
• Large blue chip companies are pumping more money into video marketing
• There has never been a better time for a local business to exploit this little known gem.

With social media marketing we can help you grow your brand locally and influence people to buy from you, over the competition.

The benefits of using social media marketing are many:

  • it creates awareness of great content
  • it increases traffic, RSS subscriptions and more to a site
  • it builds the authority of the content publisher
  • it helps develop a network of similar interest individuals
  • it ultimately builds links, which leads to improved search engine positioning.

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