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Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

In a January 2013 forecast by New York-based market intelligence firm ABI research, it is estimated that the number of smartphone users in the world will balloon to 1.4 billion by the end of the year. This represents a 40-percent increase from last year’s total of one billion users. Out of this number, 82% download and use mobile apps on a regular basis. ( June 2013).

mobile-apps-for-small-businessesAs mobile app usage steadily grows, so does the market for app-based business services increase. Pundits have already touted mobile technology as the next frontier for local small and medium-sized businesses. (StreetFightMag February 2013).

“There’s an app for that.” as the famous tagline from the Apple App Store goes. This also rings true for all local businesses; whatever the enterprise is – be it a social club, car rental, salon, hotel, restaurant, pub – a mobile app can help local business increase their chances to increase their client base and keep their loyal customers updated. You’ve all seen people on the bus or train, even just walking down the street staring into their smartphones constantly and if you look about you will see that nearly every single person is doing it. For a local business a mobile app should be a no brainer! Using a mobile app as a channel for SMS messages is one of the best uses of mobile technology.

A pub or restaurant, for example, can have an app that will send out bulk SMS messages to its customers informing them of new additions to their menu or imagine it’s a Monday afternoon and people are on their way home from a long hard day at work and can’t bothered to cook (we’ve all been there!) all you have to do is send out a text at say 5pm when most people finish work offering a free bottle of wine with every 2 course meal, and before you know it your Monday could become a lot busier!. You can also treat regular patrons with discount coupons and special meal deals by sending them a customised text through an app. Same thing with social clubs, you can update members on discounts or upcoming events – the list is endless and I could go on for ages about the benefits!

Mobile apps have functionality and value. This is the reason why more and more local businesses are now relying on mobile apps for marketing and customer engagement purposes. For those who haven’t caught up with the mobile app trend, they are missing out on an untapped revenue-increasing opportunity, and a potential customer base that could number in the millions.

And since people are more likely to carry around a handy mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet instead of a bulky laptop (mobile devices can be easily whipped out at a moment’s notice), a mobile app is also a great way to keep a client base updated with the latest news and updates from a business.

Still not convinced yet? Here are a few more reasons why local businesses should consider using a mobile app for SMS messaging and other marketing functions.

1. Mobile app development is cheap.

There was a time when app development required a few well-trained programmers and graphic designers. But now, even non-programmers can create their own apps with the use of special app creation software. There are of course apps with certain features that can cost thousands but for local businesses this is just not viable as they may not have a big marketing budget like other well known brands. We at local businesses online offer businesses the ability to be able to access their own dashboard and send out their own unlimited text messages to their customers subject to a 12 month contract at £150 per month. We then build you the app for FREE!!!

2. Mobile apps are faster than websites.

An app uses a device’s onboard computing memory and hardware. It is not limited by bandwidth and browser restrictions.

3. A mobile app is an additional source of income.

You can charge users for the use of an app especially if they are hosted on the Android and Apple app marketplaces.

4. Marketing SMS messages are more likely to be read if it came through an app.

An app provides that additional stamp of legitimacy for SMS messages. A text message sent through an app is less likely to end up in a person’s spam folder and everybody is on their phone nowadays!
If you are a business looking for a cheap way to have your own mobile app which allows you to send out unlimited text messages (unlike other companies) then call 01403839462 or email me today so we can discuss your ideas and needs. I look forward to your call…