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Hello I’m Carl Gates and welcome to my website. I live in Horsham, West Sussex and I am an experienced SEO marketing professional and have been trained by some of the best in the industry. The techniques I use are all white hat as this is the long term sure and safest way.

The reason for me starting this website is because I have spoken with many business owners who have had nothing but problems with the larger marketing companies where they feel they are not getting the service they deserve. This is probably down to the sheer number they look after, and that is why at localbusinessesonline I work with only a handful of businesses at a time. I believe this gives the client a much more personal service and it also gives me the chance to get to know them on a personal level and build long lasting relationships. I see it as a win-win situation, the client gets the best service and I get to understand their business which makes it easier when it comes to marketing.

Whether you are aiming for a simple brochure website design to expose your business products or services, or perhaps a fully-crammed e-commerce store for large-scale ventures, you will need an expert service provider to give you all that. Especially if you are planning to target customers around your local area, the services from that of a local internet marketing company can help you reap the benefits of a fully-established local-based business. Actually, the majority of all local businesses have already established their online presence. And if yours is still left behind, then you would be missing all of the countless opportunities that an established local business online could have.

Here at LocalBusinessesOnline.co.uk, I can actually help you make it happen. With my professional range of services, I can definitely make your dreams into a reality. Here are some of the proven strategies I can offer you: white hat SEO services Online presence is a critical phase, and it won’t be easy to achieve if help and technical knowledge are not around. But with my services, I could make you outshine your competitors and be on top of the searches, all because of my white hat SEO services which uses only ethical techniques which are all in compliance with the latest Google algorithm updates. There won’t be any need to worry about being blacklisted and sandboxed, as I definitely avoid any spammy methods and will ensure only the best and quality optimisation techniques possible. Web and mobile design Your website’s design acts as the gateway between your business and your customers. The more appealing your design is, the more chances that it will attract new customers, and will also keep all those old ones coming back for more. However, we’re not only limiting to just a plain website design. In fact, we take our design to a whole new level – and that’s all in line with the arrival of mobile-enabled websites.

From scratch, I make new concepts, innovate, and implement unique and interactive designs that will benefit both you and your customers. From static web pages, to CMS, e-commerce, brochures and even blog types! Social media services Establishing an online presence doesn’t just end through SEO alone. It’s best to pair it up with proven social media promotion tactics that will give your website an even solid reputation around the web. Considering that social media has already been a revolution rather than just a trend, I always strive to give your business even just a slice of that. I will ensure your voice gets heard through various social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Other than that, I also enforce promotion through google+ local places and business directory listings such as freeindex and Yelp for optimal exposure. No matter which type of business you own, either local or international, be it based in Horsham, nearby areas or even off-coast, here at LocalBusinessesOnline.co.uk I make sure your business gets seen. Not just through local exposure, but global as well; it all depends upon your choice. Make up your mind now – give me a call!

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